BGRS Announces Reinforced Learning Offering

May 28, 2019

BGRS has partnered with Mindmarker, a continuous learning app, to deliver post training reinforcement messaging, driving behavioral change and business impact.

BGRS is excited to share that it continues to expand its portfolio of innovative digital offerings with a new partnership with learning application, Mindmarker, a leader in the digital training space.

Mindmarker’s digital training application sends a series of messages strategically designed to reinforce program content focused on awareness, knowledge and skills. The goal is for users to retain learnings from the training room and apply their new knowledge and skills in their new cultural environment. Mindmarker will be incorporated into several areas of BGRS’s offerings, beginning within Talent Development Training offerings. The digital solution will enhance BGRS’s current intercultural programs with a digital approach that will support learning retention and maximize application of new skills.

“Through collaboration with Mindmarker, BGRS will add another digital solution furthering access to critical data necessary to measure and analyze training effectiveness enabling enhanced analytics for program managers says Rob Martini, VP, Strategic Innovation. “For mobile employees, acquiring new skills through assessments, intercultural training, and talent development programs drives positive impact toward the success of assignments and careers,” adds John Arcario SVP of Strategy and Talent Solutions. “BGRS’s partnership with Mindmarker will enable the delivery of a powerful tool for modern learners that will  add value to a mobile employee’s experience and support their long-term success.”

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