BGRS Announces Business Travel Compliance Solution

May 16, 2017

BGRS’s TripWise provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage the compliance risks associated with corporate business travel.

As governments worldwide step up enforcement of laws and regulations, companies are increasingly focused on ensuring compliance. Extended business travelers can pose a compliance challenge as travel could trigger immigration or tax obligations; yet many companies aren’t yet fully equipped to identify, track and mitigate those unique risks.

To support organizations and provide visibility into globally mobile employees, BGRS launched TripWise, an innovative, tiered solution that combines industry-leading technology with professional oversight to help organizations mitigate the tax and immigration compliance risks related to their business traveler populations. TripWise provides multiple tiers of support, ranging from a self-service to a full service model. The full service offering includes ongoing traveler support, frequent touch points with internal owners as well as immigration and tax providers. It offers a robust suite of tracking and reporting options, along with real-time data access to business travel details.

“Business travelers have been posing compliance concerns for some time; and as technology advancements make the integration between border control and taxing authorities more seamless, more and more companies understand the risk of noncompliance. And, they want to move into a proactive stance of managing that risk,” says Jennifer Patrona, Senior Vice President, Global Financial Operations. “TripWise provides companies with the visibility they need for their globally mobile employees – we are able to track business travel and monitor activity to help mitigate risk in immigration.”

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