BGRS Partners with UNLSH Mobility for Sustainability Initiative

May 27, 2021

BGRS and UNLSH Mobility have reached an exclusive relocation management partnership for an industry-first environmental program, ecolegIT, giving organizations the ability to increase their mobility program sustainability.

At BGRS, we innovate the way we work; designing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, their mobility programs, our customers, and supplier partners. And, as mobility demands have increased over the past several years, we have seen an exponential rise in the accompanying demand for sustainability. To support the needs of global multinational companies’ mobility programs, we are proud to have partnered with an industry-first program to do our part to better serve our clients in this critical area for the environment.

Through this all-new environmental sustainability initiative, ecolegIT, mobility programs are able to reduce the ecological impact associated with individual relocations and compensate for the carbon emissions of individual moves.

This offering significantly increases the sustainability of global mobility programs; providing the ability to track carbon footprints by automatically calculating the emissions of large amounts of moves at one time. ecolegIT’s approach involves working with a network of certified, audited partners to offset the carbon footprint associated with employee relocations. The results are audited and certified by industry expert Parsifal Corporation.

“Every change, no matter the scale, ultimately impacts our environment,” said Mark Adkins, SVP, Global Supply Chain. “BGRS has always valued environmental sustainability. We encourage and embrace innovations and ideas that help contribute to these goals. By partnering with UNLSH Mobility, ecolegIT contributes to our clients’ sustainability efforts, and ultimately, our own, by finding new ways we can combat carbon emissions. This partnership is an opportunity to collectively address and contribute to sustainability goals throughout the mobility industry.”

To learn more about ecolegIT, click here.

To discuss ecolegIT’s offering and its role in your mobility program, please contact your BGRS representative, or complete a program management inquiry here.