Announcing New CultureWizard Client Site

September 16, 2020

BGRS is excited to announce that through our partnership with RW3, a CultureWizard client portal, designed for in-house mobility management teams, is now available to all BGRS clients.

Talent Mobility teams will now have access to what the mobile employees who go through a BGRS intercultural training program would receive. The CultureWizard client portal introduces the in-house mobility management teams to a web-based site of vetted, cultural learning resources. The client portal was specifically designed to empower mobility managers as they support their mobile employees working across the cultures in which their organizations do business.

The CultureWizard client portal offers a variety of tools, courses, webinars, games, and blog posts and is available on desktop and iOS or Android mobile devices.

Learning tracks include:

  • Global Mindset: It is essential to learn about why a global perspective is critical to business success whether an experienced traveler or working remotely.
  • Global Inclusion: An inclusive workplace enhances professional and personal work experiences. Learn how to capitalize on Diversity and collaborate more effectively.
  • International Assignment: Tools and resources to help employees and families maximize their international assignment.
  • Team Effectiveness: Being able to collaborate on a global or virtual team is a critical skill that requires an appreciation of the impact of culture on business behaviors.
  • Global Leadership: Enhance the understanding needed and help build crucial skills to strengthen performance as a leader.
  • Country-Specific Information: Whether going on a business trip or working with people from another country, understanding the way they do things and the expectations they have is critical.
  • WorkingWith: Interactive, country-specific e-Learning courses designed to help people work effectively with others in and from that country.

To learn more about getting registered, contact your BGRS representative today.