Earth Day at BGRS: Environmental Sustainability in the Forefront

April 22, 2022

At BGRS, our focus on environmental sustainability is core to our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance objectives and support of our clients’ sustainability goals.

Environmental impact is a priority at every level of our operational and strategic decisions, as well as in our solution design and delivery. As we approach this year’s Earth Day, we celebrate how far we’ve come, but recognize the road that lies ahead as we collectively remind ourselves of our achievements and the work that needs to be accomplished.

BGRS’s pledge of attaining a net-zero or net neutral carbon footprint by 2030 is underpinned by streamlined operations, targeted investments, prudent sourcing, efficient management of energy usage and waste, and channeling the inspiration of our employees.

Our focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reflects the global imperative to #InvestInOurPlanet, and a drive to foster the passion and commitment of our workforce. We also support our clients’ mobility teams, who play an increasingly more substantial role in achieving their organizations’ sustainability goals.

BGRS’s dedicated ESG workgroup is comprised of cross-functional representatives. Together, they define organizational ESG goals and drive progress across all areas of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

BGRS’s environmental sustainability considerations span three key areas:

  • Organizational Impact: The change we make within our operating model, from facility and work environment management to corporate policies, such as travel.
  • Supply Chain Influence: The opportunity we take to expand our impact through stewardship of our broader network of partners.
  • Client/Customer Enablement: The expertise we leverage to empower our clients and customers to make sustainable choices in their own organizations through mobility program design consultancy.

In the area of supply chain influence, for example, BGRS entered an exclusive partnership with UNLSH Mobility to bring ecolegIT to all of our clients using household good (HHG) moving services. ecolegIT is an industry-first solution for tracking and managing carbon offset, helping clients increase their mobility program sustainability. Discard and Donate is another BGRS’s program that allows clients to cut down carbon emissions by reducing the volume of HHG shipments. Others include furniture rental programs, virtual home finding, and a suite of digitally enabled destination solutions.

BGRS’s consulting solutions include comprehensive policy and programs reviews and guidance on sustainable program design. Core/flex programs, which we design and implement for our clients, are also recognized as solutions contributing to more sustainable mobility programs.

As one person or one organization, our impact can feel small. Earth Day is a reminder to all of us that we join together, we can create a force multiplier to achieve great things. We look forward to continued innovation in sustainability in 2022 as mobility practitioners expand their remit to take on broader accountability for their organizational ESG agendas.

Read more about ecolegIT here.