BGRS Launches 2019 Mental Health Awareness Campaign

May 6, 2019

BGRS is continuously committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for our employees. This year, the health and wellness program will begin with supporting mental health.

At BGRS, we strive to create a culture that promotes and empowers employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. Twice a year, we host programs that help us focus on creating a healthy work environment for our employees.

The 2019 May Global Wellness Campaign began this week and will continue throughout the month, focusing on mental health awareness. Employees will be encouraged to participate in activities that attribute to a positive sense of well-being.

Every employee will have the opportunity to engage in webinars on topics including, sleep and stress management and balancing work and home life. Regions will offer meditation and yoga sessions to help alleviate stress, anxiety and promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

“Our ongoing commitment to helping our employees live a healthy lifestyle is a reflection of their ongoing commitment to BGRS. Our people are the core of our business, so we need to recognize when the day-to-day demands of life and work are impacting their wellbeing,” said Nancy Brickwood, Senior Vice President, Human Resources. “We are excited have the opportunity to give back to our employees and dedicate a week to their mental wellbeing and healthy living.”

At the end of the month, BGRS employees will have the tools and resources needed to support holistic well-being to use at work or at home.

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