BGRS Celebrates Employee Values and our Service Philosophy

February 1, 2021

BGRS is defined by the talented and dedicated professionals whose evolved shared values underpin our success.

Our culture has always been rooted in the conviction that the work we do has a meaningful, measurable impact on the success of our diverse clients. Our people share a passion for helping our global client base realize their program goals, and we are empowered by a core set of values that ignite collaboration and a passion for doing the right thing.

As our customer experience transformation continues to inspire new ways of work, the shared values held by our employees are evolving, too. We have re-focused who we are as an organization and what it is that we represent in our everyday interactions with our clients and their mobile employees.

By your side, looking ahead® — BGRS’s Values:

We foster belonging: We celebrate and embrace diversity in all its forms, demonstrating empathy in our interactions and finding ways to be connected and inclusive.

We are transformative: We thrive in a digital environment and adapt to meet diverse needs by delivering a personalized and integrated experience, boldly driving innovation to redefine the mobility industry.

We practice respect: Our foundation for meaningful and productive relationships is respect. We listen, we are transparent, and we operate with integrity and diplomacy.

We are inspired people: Our culture encourages collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning and growth. We are empowered, motivated, and enabled to act on our sense of social responsibility to make a positive impact with every interaction.

We are accountable: We all have a stake in our collective success. Accountability spans across the organization and is present in every relationship. We recognize the importance of delivering on commitments and driving toward the best possible outcome.

We are experience driven: We believe the journey is just as important as the destination, and we know the moments that matter along the way are unique to each individual. We work every day to enrich the experience we provide.

“The values are a staple of what it means to be part of the BGRS team, and they also serve to uphold the promises we make to our clients,” said Nancy Brickwood, Senior Vice President, Human Resources. “Throughout the years, we have seen our employees evolve alongside our service philosophy. Implementing these new values demonstrates how, as an organization, we are not only growing with our clients, but with our people as well.”

BGRS’s vision is to be the worldwide leader of global mobility solutions. As our role is to support our clients’ most valued asset — their people, we ensure the right people are in place at BGRS to do that. BGRS is proud to keep our employees engaged, happy, and focused on the work we do through competitive compensation structures, reward and recognition programs, tailored learning and development opportunities, and now, a set of values that capture the heart of what it means to be a part of our team, giving us all a unified sense of purpose.