Traci Morris Discusses Leadership and Giving with Culturama Magazine

April 7, 2017

In March, Traci Morris joined Culturama’s Anita Krishnaswamy to discuss global mobility, charitable giving and her leadership journey for their feature, “Deconstructing Leadership.”

In the article, Traci discusses her 25-year career, highlighting her recent professional accolades and awards and exploring the powerful combination of professional talent and personal outlook that drive her forward.

Throughout her life, Traci has dedicated herself to numerous causes such as the Special Olympics and the humanitarian grassroots initiative, The Denan Project.  She said, “Everyone has something to give. You just have to make the time to give it. And you have to consider how to make a difference this hour, this day, this weekend, this year.”

Her core personal values have helped drive her success in business as well. She appreciates a good challenge and prides herself on not letting a problem overcome her. “Part of my success stems from being conscious of my values, what I had to contribute and emulating a certain type of person – a person who gives, grows and drives for success.”

When asked about the opportunities people have to make a greater impact Traci said, “The truth is – we all have so much to learn from each other…If we came together to give of ourselves to each other and to the industry at large, we’d make a collective, global and lasting mark for the future.”

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