Traci Morris Discusses Innovation with Wharton Business Radio

January 31, 2017

On January 10, 2017, Traci Morris joined Professor David Robertson on air at The Wharton School for their program Innovation Navigation.

Innovation Navigation is a weekly segment that offers listeners live, unscripted access to world-renowned thought leaders, executives and faculty; and provides advice and insights on how to innovate within their own organizations.

Traci’s segment focused on how established companies can learn to drive change and foster innovation from newer organizations. Highlighting the evolution of business and the need to re-imagine mobility, Traci discussed the challenges many organizations face with talent mobility as well as the significant impact that aligning global mobility to the talent agenda can have on achieving business goals and developing future leaders.

Her insights, coupled with the increasing demands on human resources and changing demographics within the industry, drove BGRS to shift perspective and reset the company’s mission and vision for the future, to partner with and understand our clients and customers better, and to drive innovation throughout the organization.

She said, “When I joined the company, we needed to accelerate the pace of change to be very clear about our future and how we needed to position ourselves to best meet the needs of the changing marketplace.”

Describing how to manage innovative thinking throughout BGRS, she said, “People tend to think of innovation as the big ideas but what they don’t realize is innovation can be the sum total of many small changes that add up. We really had to change the way we were thinking about what we do every day … We had to come up with a mantra to ask every single employee and empower them to find and question the things that have been around forever.” She then goes on to describe how BGRS brought a number of new ideas and processes to bear on projects and ways of bringing products and services to market.

“As we engaged employees, we had a framework. We took a very agile approach and bias towards action to develop prototypes to solutions to accelerate the pace and not lock ourselves into solving for final solutions, but challenge ourselves to get things done much more rapidly…The quicker you can take a prototype and learn what doesn’t work; the quicker you’re going to find out what does.” Traci commented on how clients have been incredibly positive and excited about this shift in focus and increased pace of innovation.

Click below to hear more of the discussion on global mobility, innovation and driving the change process within BGRS.*

*This segment of Innovation Navigation originally aired on Channel 111 on SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School.