Employee CSR Campaign Raises Awareness for Children’s Literacy

December 9, 2019

During the month of November, BGRS hosted its first employee global giving campaign, “Read to Succeed,” to raise awareness for children’s literacy around the globe.

As BGRS employees continue to focus on our global giving to help the world’s youth overcome barriers and reach new horizons, our month-long Read to Succeed campaign brought awareness to the 1 in 5 people across the globe who are not able to read or write (World Literacy Foundation).

The Read to Succeed campaign invited all BGRS parents, caregivers, role models, and adults to pledge minutes of their personal time spent reading to children. We set a collective goal of 20,000 minutes pledged globally to represent the 20% of the world’s population that are unable to read or write. BGRS is proud to announce we surpassed our goal and spent 35,435 minutes reading to children in support of children’s literacy.

We are proud of our employees dedication to help shape the future of today’s youth; promoting the importance of literacy at a young age to instil educational values at a young age. We are excited to share more of our CSR efforts in 2020.

To learn more about BGRS’s global giving, click here.