BGRS Read to Succeed Campaign Supports Children’s Literacy

November 4, 2019

BGRS launches a new Corporate Social Responsibility campaign to raise awareness for children’s literacy worldwide.

At BGRS, we thrive on partnering with our client to help them achieve more through mobility. Together, we reach new horizons, create connections and support future success. That spirit transcends to our global giving, where we focus on helping the world’s youth reach new horizons.

According to the World Literacy Foundation, 1 in 5 people around the world cannot read or write.

This fall, we are excited to share that we are holding our first reading campaign in support of literacy and children’s education across the globe. We are encouraging all BGRS parents, caregivers, role models and adults to pledge and log minutes spent reading together with children.

BGRS employees have an opportunity to positively influence the minds of today’s youth. We are aiming to reach a collective goal of spending 20,000 minutes reading with children across the globe, encouraging employees to read to children, or have children read to them whether at home, a local library or a friend’s house.

“Literacy is the foundational skillset of education and more broadly, lifelong learning. Without it, children simply cannot reach their fullest potential. Our Read to Succeed campaign creates an opportunity for each of us to make a tangible impact on children with a small exercise that can make a big difference in their future education values,” said BGRS CEO, Traci Morris. “Our goal of collectively reading 20,000 minutes is to raise awareness for the 20% of the world’s population who are unable to read or write. Literacy starts at childhood — we are ready to make a difference.”

To learn more about BGRS’s global giving, click here.