Mobility Trends and Insights at 2016 MERC Annual Conference

May 3, 2016

BGRS’s Cindy Reif Leads an Interactive Discussions Highlighting the Future Landscape in Talent & Policy Management.

Last week we were back again at the Minnesota Employee Relocation Council’s 32nd Annual Conference, this year showcasing Global Mobility: Through the Local Lens. The conference showcased a variety of meetings and discussions delivering insights on global mobility, including panels, key findings from the previous year, and invaluable opportunities for learning.

Our Director of Consulting Services, Cindy Reif, gave an in-depth presentation titled “Mobility Trends: What is the Data You Need to Know to Stay Relevant.” The interactive talk outlined historical mobility trends and the future landscape, wherein companies need to stay on their toes with policy to remain on top when it comes to relocation.

Cindy stated, “The mobility community is always interested to hear about the latest trends in the industry. With topics such as cost and talent management, policy flexibility and permanent international transfers leading discussion, we had a real opportunity to address the obstacles – and opportunities – that mobility professionals need to plan ahead for and look to leverage as the industry continues to change.”

Examine key findings and statistics in mobility trends that were included in Cindy’s presentation at our 2016 Global Mobility Trends portal.