Meet BGRS at FEM Americas 2018 Summit

May 17, 2018

Join BGRS’s Ellyn Karetnick, Global Head of Talent Mobility Consulting, to explore how mobility can uniquely contribute to global leadership development at the Forum for Expatriate Management’s Global Mobility Summit, May 23-24, 2018.

The Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) is hosting their annual Americas summit in San Diego, California. This year’s two-day event will bring together global mobility professionals, industry experts and HR specialists to explore current and future trends in the ever-evolving mobility landscape.

BGRS’s Ellyn Karetnick, Global Head of Talent Mobility Consulting, in partnership with Tanya Mariottini, Talent Mobility Manager, Nike, and Alice White, Vice President, Global Acquisition, Blizzard Entertainment for a panel discussion titled, “Mobility’s Contribution to Developing Future Leaders.” This session will explore how mobility can be at the forefront of demographic and leadership change, nurturing and ensuring sustainability of the talent pipeline. Join in on robust dialogue demonstrating how organizations tangibly realize this important business imperative and discuss:

  • How mobility steer demographic and leadership change
  • How to nurture and sustain talent pipelines
  • How the way people work is evolving the employee experience
  • How human and digital collaboration can drive productivity
  • How to stay relevant in an era of industry disruption

Learn more about BGRS’s presence at FEM Americas or register to attend on the event website.