Join BGRS at the 2018 Midwest Relocation Council Conference

April 6, 2018

Join BGRS’s Frederick Schmitz, Vice President, Client Development, as he moderates a conference session highlighting key trends aligning talent management and mobility in successful organizations and a panel discussion exploring successful business cases in mobility.

This year’s event will bring together talent mobility professionals and industry experts to explore current and future trends in the mobility landscape. Topics will range from tax reform in the U.S. and its impact on mobility to the demands of a multi-generational workforce. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and join workshop sessions and panel discussions to gain expert insight from global mobility leaders.

At the conference, Frederick Schmitz, Vice President, Client Development, will moderate an all-conference session titled “Talent Management and Mobility Trends.” Sharing the results of the 2017 Talent Mobility Trends Survey, Frederick will discuss how talent mobility is transforming and will explore the scale and drivers of this change. He will also moderate a panel discussion titled, “Successful Business Cases in Mobility.” This session will explore several domestic and international global mobility programs and look at their structure and the metrics that determine their success.

The Midwest Relocation Conference (MRC) is sponsored by the Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago, the St. Louis Regional Employee Relocation Council and the Wisconsin Employee Relocation Council. The MRC Conference 2018 will be held in St. Louis, April 10-11, 2018.

To register to attend, visit the Midwest Relocation Conference event page.