BGRS Discusses Sustainable Relocation Practices

October 20, 2021

BGRS’s Derrick Young discusses the importance of sustainability in relocation and global mobility with FIDI Global Alliance

Climate Change is currently a defining global issue with shifting weather patterns increasing the risk of rising sea levels, potential food shortages, and more. Scientists and officials argue that drastic action needs to occur today to make an impact on the future.

We at BGRS are doing our part to minimize our environmental impact. For example, we have partnered with organizations like ecolegIT and Discard and Donate. We also provide proactive education and support to our suppliers. To learn more about some of our sustainability initiatives, click here.

Recently, BGRS’s Derrick Young, Director of Transportation Governance, participated in the conversation of making moving a more sustainable practice in a FIDI Global Alliance (FIDI) article and panel session. Both focus on the importance of building sustainable relocation practices to tackle environmental and social sustainability. This topic is covered in a holistic approach that encompasses a company’s economic stability and the mindset of improving future lives.

Young states that, “change on sustainability is being driven by the business’s clients but companies also need to create the right culture for change.” He is finding that more clients are being driven by this concept and have implemented more programs that allow their employees to have a more “greener” mindset when it comes to moving.

Being a sustainability leader in your own market as a relocation provider is a large step towards being more sustainable, according to Young. Providing clients and employees with opportunities to give back, to choose a greener approach, etc. can help increase an organization’s overall sustainability practices and make them more measurable.

To learn more, visit the article on making a difference and the panel session on sustainable relocation.