BGRS Supports Health and Wellness at Work

June 8, 2017


May was Global Mental Health Awareness month and as part of BGRS’s Wellness Program, activities were organized across the organization to support wellness in the workplace.

BGRS’s Wellness Program focuses on cultivating a work environment and culture that supports the well-being of our employees, empowering them to lead a healthy lifestyle. As part of the program, BGRS organized physical and mental health and work-life balance management activities throughout the month of May in offices across the globe.

The May program was another opportunity for the regional teams to come together, strengthen relationships, learn, socialize and incorporate wellness-themed initiatives into the local charity fundraising campaigns.

BGRS’s wellness initiatives are ongoing throughout the year and continuously expanding to include innovative training resources that promote health, nutrition, work-life balance and overall mental health in the workplace.

BGRS prides itself on its culture of teamwork and strong connections with each other through a shared commitments to wellness, volunteerism and our communities.

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