SIRVA and BGRS merged, creating a new company named SIRVA BGRS Worldwide, Inc.

August 1, 2022

This merger brings together two of the world’s leading relocation management companies to offer unparalleled global footprint, service capabilities, and expertise in the employee mobility industry.

On Friday, July 29, 2022, SIRVA and BGRS formally joined forces as SIRVA BGRS Worldwide, Inc. (“SIRVA BGRS”), an organization with over 4,000 employees, across 77 global locations, servicing 190+ countries. SIRVA BGRS offers broader global presence, diverse product offerings, expanded mobility supply chain, and robust technology solutions, all of which are required by organizations needing to mobilize the global and diverse workforces of today.

Tom Oberdorf, Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are excited to start bringing our vision for the new organization to life. Over the next months, we look forward to sharing more about new opportunities and capabilities that will drive enhanced mobile employee experience, bring increased value to mobility programs, and help support the global talent goals of the organizations we serve.”

We remain laser-focused on leveraging our combined investment and talented mobility team to accelerate innovation, while fulfilling the commitment to stability and continuous delivery of an excellent mobility experience to our clients and their employees.

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