BGRS Brings a Reimagined Customer Experience To Life

July 20, 2021

Throughout 2021, BGRS has made dramatic strides in reimagining the customer experience with investments in technology and people that are enhancing choice and flexibility for our clients and their mobile employees.

Responding to the dramatic changes driven by changing workforces and technology advances, BGRS has reimagined the mobility experience for our global clients and customers. Using a design-led approach we are introducing innovative solutions designed to deliver the right balance of choice, flexibility, and guidance. With the continued investment of our committed parent company, Relo Group, we have leveraged the functionality of our ReloAccess™ platform, introducing multiple new client and customer features:

  • Quin, our new digital assistant, introduces mobile employees to a choice-enabled journey, ensuring they can handle as much of their relocation as they want, when they want, while being continually supported by their BGRS Consultant
  • Personalized dashboards for both mobile employees and program managers put key indicators front and center, while enhanced reporting options offer deeper analysis and insights, making management of individual relocation journeys and program oversight straightforward and data-driven
  • Our recently redesigned mobile app incorporates new, robust functionality, making it easy for our clients and their mobile employees to manage their relocations on the go
  • BGRSflex™ now offers points-based capabilities, which provides our clients with an option that makes it even easier to manage core/flex policies, with choice, flexibility, and cost control

A continuing release of supplier APIs are connecting data through BGRS systems increasing data security and integrity, and new live 24/7 coverage is connecting mobile employees with BGRS experts for the answers they need, anytime.

“We are focused on digital engagement and have developed configurable solutions that optimize the mobility journey for our clients and customers. We’re moving fast bringing them to life,” says BGRS CEO Traci Morris, “and we’re thrilled to be showing our clients and customers what we mean when we say we are by your side, looking ahead.®”