BGRS Leaders Among Global Mobility Top 100

May 21, 2021

We are proud to have four leaders named among the most admired services providers of 2021.

The View from the Top is Global Mobility’s leading livecast show hosted by Brian Friedman, and showcases in-depth interviews and discussions with senior HR and talent professionals. The View from the Top launched The Global Mobility Top 100 in 2020 – a biannual celebration of the top professionals in the industry as nominated by their peers.

On May 19, the most admired service providers of 2021 were revealed. We are proud to share that our CEO, Traci Morris, along with Rob Martini, Vice President, Strategic Products; Peter Hopkins, Vice President, Global Client Services; and Chris Furlotte, Vice President, Client Development, are among The Global Mobility Top 100.

More than 4,000 nominations from around the globe were received and covered almost every sector of our industry including Relocation Management, Tax, Immigration, Industry Associations, and Corporate Housing. BGRS is honored to have 34 employees receive nominations, a great testament to the strength of our people.

At BGRS, we are an empowered team of professionals dedicated to our clients’ success. We have a shared enthusiasm for what we can achieve together – for our clients, the community, and the company. We are proud to continue to be recognized as a leader for our ideas, shared service commitment, and foresight throughout the global mobility industry, delivering value to our clients and customers through strengthened relationships and innovative solutions.