Post-Brexit 2021 Talent Mobility Considerations

Post-Brexit 2021 Talent Mobility Considerations

BGRS’s Brexit white paper reviews post-Brexit plans into 2021, and addresses strategic considerations for Talent Mobility professionals.

While Talent Mobility functions globally have experienced unprecedented disruption in delivery, those enabling programs into or out of the United Kingdom (U.K.) now need to ensure they are preparing for the end of the Brexit transition period and the impacts still to be realized. This means re-engaging in preparations for the imminent impacts of Brexit in the U.K. in January 2021.

Brexit will drive new immigration frameworks, compliance barriers and obstacles, cultural shifts, and evolving talent practices that will bring delivery challenges and changes. Our “Post-Brexit 2021 Talent Mobility Considerations” white paper focuses on the role Talent Mobility can take to engage with these changes and support their people and organizations with strategic value.

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