Lean Global Mobility

Lean Global Mobility

The next report in a series of research initiatives in association with RES Forum provides an overview of lean thinking in Global Mobility and approaches for becoming more agile. The series is exploring innovative, evolving, and provocative insights into how the mobility community can successfully navigate the key challenges brought by the global pandemic.


The RES Forum was founded in 2006 as an independent community for International HR & Mobility professionals and is now one of the largest and most active networks, specializing in global mobility survey data, modeling, and analytics.

The “Lean Global Mobility – how GM can become more agile,” report was informed by in-depth interviews with Lean and Agile experts, Global Mobility professionals, and fellow academics. BGRS’s Peter Byebierggaard, Director of Design Led Solutions, was honored to share his extensive industry knowledge and insights in the foreword.

While the word lean may imply that the core idea is to reduce cost, the report further examines and identifies a five-step process that is continuously applied and has great potential for Global Mobility to overcome the damage caused as a result of COVID-19 and produce a future-ready delivery model.

Five Steps of Lean:

  • Understand the Global Mobility customer and their perceptions of value
  • Identify and understand the Global Mobility value stream for each process
  • Create Global Mobility value flow
  • Establish Global Mobility customer pull
  • Seek perfection

The effects of COVID-19 on Global Mobility were severe. As we navigate year two of the crisis, organizations are continuously re-assessing the support and care they provide to internationally mobile employees. Many organizations are currently undergoing radical changes through digital or structural transformation programs driven by the pandemic. The report looks at the core ideas behind lean management and agile process concepts relevant for Global Mobility functions.

Finally, quoting Jack Welch, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage”, the report uses real-life examples and provides templates that allow Global Mobility teams to elevate delivery and increase their value to the organization allowing them more time and resources to focus on adding strategic value.