Core/flex - The Right Model for a Complex Mobility Market

Core/flex – The Right Model for a Complex Mobility Market

With many organizations looking to increase flexibility in policy benefits, BGRS’s 2020 Core/flex Mobility Policy Pulse Survey explored mobility leaders’ perceptions and usage of core/flex mobility programs in today’s challenging global business environment.

Our white paper, “Core/flex: The Right Model for a Complex Mobility Market,” showcases the results of our pulse survey and explores the core/flex policy evolution towards being the model of the future in a complex Talent Mobility market. The drive to balance business needs and employee experience has made an employee-driven core/flex policy an ideal program model. Core/flex provides a flexible solution to enhance the customer experience and manage cost optimization, more complex patterns of movement, and changing employee demographics.

We examine current usage and future intentions for the employee-driven core/flex approach and share our considerations on the need for due thought, suitable technology, and business alignment to enable effective core/flex mobility program delivery and management.

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