Celebrating One Year with Relo Group

Celebrating One Year with Relo Group

June 2020 marks the one-year anniversary of BGRS’s acquisition by Relo Group Inc. Combining five decades of BGRS’s industry expertise with Relo Group’s strategic objectives, BGRS is fueled for long-term growth with a sharp focus on investing in innovation and expanding the services we deliver to our clients and their mobile employees.

“Our first year with Relo Group has afforded BGRS the opportunity to execute several exciting initiatives that contribute to our customer experience vision and respond to the desire for wide-scale service delivery transformation within this industry,” said Traci Morris, Chief Executive Officer. “Relo Group’s support for our long-term strategy also enables BGRS to remain committed to new models that benefit our clients, their workforce, and our own employees. Like many other businesses, BGRS has faced newfound challenges this year, yet we are incredibly proud of the milestones we have been able to achieve, and we continue on the path to deliver on more in 2020.”

In celebration of our one-year anniversary, the following highlights some of the key milestones BGRS has reached within our first year under Relo Group’s ownership and a look at a few 2020 deliverables:

Business Stability

The coronavirus health pandemic has impacted people and businesses across the globe. With the support and backing of Relo Group, BGRS has remained focused on our long-term commitments to our clients and global workforce. BGRS’s stability has been fortified by investments from Relo Group, whose singular strategy and vision is to become the leading global mobility provider in the world. With this resolute strategy and financial backing, BGRS’s clients and partners can be assured that we are making long-term decisions that align with their needs of a strategic provider.

Partnership Strength

The strategic need to develop and integrate our global ecosystem has been an element of focus for several years, but in the last year, BGRS has achieved a significant milestone in strengthening our partnerships by nurturing and strengthening our platforms. We launched BGRSxChange™, designed through application programming interfaces (APIs), which interfaces with our supplier partners and has vastly improved data sharing, increased our connectivity, and our capabilities with our clients. It provides the critical agility to provide flexible delivery solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Introducing a comprehensive framework across our networks not only ensures BGRS’s supplier partners are meeting and adhering to compliance and security requirements, but it also improves our clients’ and their mobile employees’ experiences, cycle times, data transparency, analytics, and service performance.

Digital Customer Experience Transformation

Another focus, which is not new to BGRS, has been delivering on key initiatives over the past year in our customer experience journey, specifically introducing configurable digital workflows. These flexible models are critical in servicing our multigenerational mobile employee customers. In the past year, BGRS successfully implemented RPA designed to reduce cycle times and improve accuracy of mobility-related payments and reimbursements. By leveraging technology within our service delivery, BGRS is discovering new ways to enable our clients’ programs at a much faster pace, with results that were unattainable just a year ago. This focus will continue in the coming year as we transform our customer experience with the expanded support of artificial intelligence.

We’ve led the transformation by implementing more data-driven, configurable tools that enable our clients and their mobile employees to gain more control and tailor their program and experiences. ReloAccess enhancements within the last year, such as the introduction of our unique, ground-breaking core/flex technology and the ReloPlanner tool, deliver intuitive, hyper-personalized experiences that are both structured, and agile, and in alignment with the needs of today’s mobile employees. Benefits delivery is becoming “consumerized” and executing on these trends will remain a core element within BGRS’s digital transformation strategy as we release the next generation of our mobile app and reporting suites in 2020.

A Focus on Our People

Relo Group’s focus on BGRS’s customer experience journey dually contributes and impacts our long-term employee experience working at BGRS. By evolving and exploring new ways in which to deliver our services to strategically enhance our clients’ mobility programs, we are simultaneously creating new development, learning, and career opportunities for our employees worldwide. To upskill our workforce, we are continuously refining our learning curriculums and exploring new approaches develop our talent and strategically broaden our talent pool in support of our strategic transformation more broadly. Our goal is to foster a culture of belonging where each employee fully utilizes their unique and distinct backgrounds and skills to their fullest potential.

Looking to the Future

Last year’s acquisition sharpened BGRS’s strategy and focus on delivering world-class mobility and talent development solutions. Looking ahead, BGRS is focused on our customer experience journey and optimizing our approach to supporting our clients, their mobility programs, and their mobile employees to remain, by your side, looking ahead®. Tools for measuring sentiment and engagement are in deployment for 2020, thereby supporting our clients with critical information on their mobile talent. With Relo Group’s support of continuing to enhance that vision, we are actively investing in additional digital innovation to find new solutions and opportunities to continue to drive value for our clients and their mobile employees.