Aligning Global Mobility to Talent Agenda: A Practical Guide

Aligning Global Mobility to Talent Agenda: A Practical Guide

Download our report exploring the benefits of aligning global mobility to the talent agenda. The report also offers practical steps for those global mobility leaders who are considering making changes to their global mobility programs to strengthen the connection between mobility and talent management goals.

“In order to plan and execute strategies that combine the development of talent and its deployment, a closer, more structured relationship between global mobility and talent management is critical. If a formal reporting relationship doesn’t exist, creating routine, on-going connection points can go a long way to ensuring global mobility leaders have a line of sight into future plans and have a venue to champion process integration.”

The role of global mobility manifests itself differently in different companies. In the past, often the sole expectation of a company’s global mobility team was to provide high levels of service to relocating employees and their families. However, as the wider Human Resources function continues to transform, the expectations of global mobility leaders and their teams are evolving as well. Our 2016 Global Mobility Trends Survey identified that although many companies understand the potential of global mobility to attract, develop and retain key talent, fewer have been able to take the steps required to align supporting business practices.  A small but important number of companies responding to the survey, however, are showing a greater alignment to the company’s overall talent agenda. Their global mobility programs look different than traditional models and are moving in a direction that will afford new levels of strategic contribution to their companies.

The Aligning Global Mobility to the Talent Agenda: A Practical Guide white paper highlights what differentiates global mobility programs in this group of companies from the rest and offers a set of practical recommendations designed to help global mobility leaders achieve similar successes in five key areas of global mobility management:

  • Leveraging Links between Global Mobility and Talent Management
  • Implementing Candidate Selection Processes
  • Better Cost Management
  • Engaging Millennials
  • Better Repatriation Planning, Practices, and Outcomes

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