Successful mobility programs are strategic to the business and attractive to employees while meeting bottom line goals. Efficiency begins at planning and is a constant pursuit. Accordingly, the mobility leader’s role is rapidly transforming from one of program administrator to architect.

The increasing value of mobility to talent management strategies has led to increased profile and opportunity for mobility leaders. Yet, the pressure to justify and contain costs has not diminished. The most successful mobility leaders are employing a formula that combines strategic program design, flawless execution and continuous refinement to yield cost effective business outcomes.

Efficiencies are inherent at each program stage and are identified through constant inquiry, including:

  • Leveraging best-in-class and proven methods for attracting, developing and retaining talent
  • Removing unnecessary complexity and designing a mobility program easily understood and navigated by employees, recruiters and program administrators
  • Scalable and consistent service delivery regardless of geography or assignment type
  • Seamless employee experience and ability to rely on local support combined with global service delivery coverage
  • Leveraging technology to manage the program, support the employee and capture metrics for actionable insights
  • Compliance framework adaptable to changing regulations to avoid penalties, delays, reputational risk, or loss of revenue

We collaborate with our clients to implement innovative and integrated solutions that align with business strategies, optimize the program and drive better experiences and business outcomes overall. Our solutions are customized instead of off-the-shelf, structured for flexibility and ease of implementation, scalable and delivered with discipline and accountability. Our global supplier network is governed to achieve the same outcomes while managing efficiency every step of the way. Moreover, BGRS’s operations systems deliver program efficiency for billing, payroll reporting and management reporting in a single integrated platform. Our world-class analytics tools facilitate real-time decision support across a wide spectrum of critical metrics – demonstrating reporting and analytics, performance, cost containment and efficiency opportunities yet to be gained.