A well-coordinated and fully integrated supplier network that brings on-the-ground support is required to ensure the employee experience is seamless and consistent across locations.

The achievement of strategic talent mobility goals and demonstration of return on investment can only be attained if the actual relocation is handled with foresight, customized based on assignee needs, and managed with a shared commitment to excellence. In today’s increasingly complex business environment, companies need a robust network of local mobility service providers that enables them to move quickly and flexibly while capitalizing on innovations in mobility service provision and opportunities borne from geographic expansion. A rigorously sourced and managed supply chain is essential for delivering on employee and mobility managers’ expectations relative to service delivery, compliance and mobility cost containment.

Several elements are central to success and realizing a solid return on investment of the mobility supply chain:

  • A global supplier network that has been fully vetted – and regularly evaluated – for their ability to deliver excellent service in each local market they serve
  • A strategic sourcing process that is repeatable, efficient and standardized to allow for fair, trusted and consistent selection and procurement
  • The ability to reduce cost by leveraging purchasing power and maintaining a clear view into mobility related spend
  • A flexible supplier network specifically designed to meet companies’ unique needs with innovative programs and efficiencies in service delivery
  • Consistent performance standards and shared accountabilities for every supplier throughout the process and network

We take a unique approach to the design, partnership and management of an unparalleled global supply network. BGRS acts as an extension of our clients’ procurement and human resources teams, helping them achieve their mobility service delivery objectives through supply chain mastery. Our robust supply chain sourcing and management processes, global reach, local knowledge and ability to leverage economies of scale, allow us to support our clients in driving an end-to-end, value based approach.