Executive Perspectives: The Power of Data Analytics in Meeting Business Needs

Joe Genautis

Joe Genautis

Chief Information Officer

Joe is responsible for all technology initiatives within BGRS. This includes strategic leadership and execution of technology development, operations, infrastructure, compliance, and security. Joe’s professional experience includes 30 years of technology leadership roles driving the strategic direction of multinational organizations’ business platforms, technology architecture, security, and compliance. He leads all the digital transformation initiatives designed to enhance BGRS’s clients’ and their mobile employees’ experience, including implementing RPA technology and transitioning critical services to the cloud.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work was already in a state of transformation with global workforces needing to upskill both technical and behavioral talents. As the pandemic evolved throughout this year, we have seen organizations across the globe pivoting their strategies to tackle business continuity challenges with newfound levels of immediacy. The result of this global business landscape is that more than ever quick access to data and data modeling is critical for driving business decisions. Data has always been valued, but, in today’s environment it has rapidly become one of the most valuable resources for an organization to understand its most relevant business needs. In our recent Talent Mobility Council virtual forum, 83% of BGRS’s clients indicated seeing an accelerated focus on data analytics projects and adopting a more mature data culture, in these past six months.

With the support of our parent company, Relo Group, BGRS is prioritizing investing in data analytic capabilities. We are employing a digital strategy to meet the needs of our clients and their mobile employees as we build our talent to focus on analytics, design, data, and data quality. By building a data science team, we are increasing our data literacy and driving change in the way we skill our talent more broadly. BGRS has several initiatives underway to expand our data and analytic capabilities based on additional information that is readily available. We are putting a focus on the key points of experience and personalization by gathering insight into data we haven’t expanded on or combined before including specific demographics, sentiment, and preferences that are now part of operational dependencies. This enables businesses to make decisions and supports our clients’ transformations within their organizations.

Digital engagement is now the priority for the consumption of services, delivery of services, and the delivery of information through digital channels like web or mobile devices. Through our digital platform, ReloAccess™ we are expanding on such capabilities, providing a better client and customer experience, and gathering more data. Furthermore, our supplier integration capabilities compliment the reality that these are the foundational cornerstones of the future of Global Mobility. By incorporating client’s HRIS and third-party providers, we are able to integrate accurate and complete information across our full digital ecosystem.

With our continued focus on our client and customer experience, we have created a fully integrated solution that delivers a single stream of data between clients, customers, suppliers, and BGRS employees.

With our continued focus on our client and customer experience, we have created a fully integrated solution that delivers a single stream of data between clients, customers, suppliers, and BGRS employees. This connects all users to our global experience centers for support and information. Expanding our data capabilities that flow through the digital platform improves the users end-to-end experience through an increase of transparency to all available data.

The importance of data consumption magnifies when considering core/flex programs. BGRSflex™ offers a robust digital infrastructure that is configurable to program objectives and organizational culture, empowering mobility stakeholders to tailor benefits and packages for individual circumstances. BGRSflex™ provides clients access to data analytics that support understanding customer trends, forecast future utilization, and actual usage to ensure their programs remain current and fit for purpose. It also facilitates BGRS’s ability to deliver data-driven advisory support about program and policy development by capturing data on employee choices, usage, and program impact.

An obvious off shoot of the expansion of data capture is the visualization of data. With additional investments, we are also introducing enhanced reporting capabilities and visualizations within ReloAccess™ allowing clients to tailor the data they see to fit the needs of their workforce.

Underpinning all of this is our adoption of cloud technology, as the ability to remain agile and consume high levels of information relies on the services available within this type of flexible computing innovation. BGRSxChange™, which supports our supplier integration to drive connected mobility, is now live in the cloud. This digital platform securely exchanges and shares data bi-directionally between BGRS and our suppliers real-time and can be universally shared for consistency and accuracy through cloud services and API technology.

Throughout various organizations, data is not a one size fits all approach. BGRS continues to innovate our tools and offerings with a long-term view on delivering powerful solutions that give our clients direct insight into the data needed to drive business decisions, shaping the programs that best fit their workforce.