Executive Perspectives: Agility and Responsiveness Driving Enhanced Experience Management


Sally Tomte

Senior Vice President, Client Services, Americas

Sally Tomte leads customer experience management across the Americas region, as well as relationship management teams for our Americas headquartered clients. She has 26 years of experience leading service delivery teams and advising multinational organizations on the operational, financial, and strategic aspects of employee mobility management. Sally is the global executive sponsor of BGRS’s customer experience operational transformation initiative.

When delivering services as personal as employee mobility, it is critical to be fully attuned to our clients’ and customers’ diverse needs. In recent years, as the needs have rapidly changed, the approaches to service design and delivery have transformed. In order to effectively deliver an unparalleled customer experience, it requires a true understanding of the specific mobile employee needs and ability to configure solutions enabling choice and flexibility. The expectation is a flexible, personalized employee experience through a secure digital platform, providing real-time data driven insight. This is even more vital in recent months, as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted countries and industries on a global scale.

BGRS has been transforming our experience management model to meet the needs of a dramatically changing workforce and its impact on mobility. Our corporate vision, by your side, looking ahead®, centers on delivering to the mobile employees’ unique set of requirements and preferences from the very first interaction and throughout their mobility journey. We work to keep our customers informed, reassured, and supported from start to finish, along with helping them anticipate the important meaningful moments that are critical to a successful process.

The introduction of technology enabled flexibility into the service delivery model is key to configuring for advanced level of personalization. Development of new tools, such as BGRSflex ™, provides more guided choice for the mobile employees. It also provides adequate flexibility for the organizations designing benefits programs to fit their corporate culture, mobility types, and most importantly, the specific needs of their relocating employees.

Our experience management model delivers guided choice, customer autonomy, where preferred, and introduces alternative ways for customers to get specialized guidance, while providing access to quicker resolution.

Research shows that when customers are seeking support, they want the answers in the moment and from a resource they perceive as trusted and reliable. Our experience management model delivers guided choice, customer autonomy, where preferred, and introduces alternative ways for customers to get specialized guidance, while providing access to quicker resolution.

We are rapidly deploying digital capabilities, and analyzing how to most optimally perform tasks, and creating more availability to serve our customers the way they want to be served. This includes intelligent automation, global coverage providing direct contact with subject matter experts, all based on customers’ specific, in the moment needs. Our customer experience includes digital self-serve tools and data-driven digital capabilities incorporating digital policy solutions, sentiment capture, and omnichannel communications. These changes allow BGRS Client Services teams to contribute more strategically within their roles, focus on the customer with more empathy, clearer understanding about how they feel as they progress their relocation journey, and empowered to offer tailored support at the most meaningful moments.

As an experience focused organization, we concentrate on critically supporting our employees through the transformation. We are constantly assessing required competencies, skills, and behaviors. The listening skills are crucial. Our teams are no longer necessarily consulting to a fixed policy, they are consulting to create the best possible relocation experience. We focus on empowering our service delivery teams to provide the guidance around the best path to take based on the mobile employee’s and their family circumstances.

We focus on empowering our service delivery teams to provide the guidance around the best path to take based on the mobile employees and their family circumstances.   

Accelerated digitalization offers opportunities for data-driven strategies and expanding insights by combining data. Clients are increasingly leveraging program reporting and analytics to calibrate their mobility programs to their organizations needs. The same focus on flexibility, coupled with robust reporting infrastructure, applies when we provide clients access to information. We focus offering a broad array of key program metrics through customizable reporting and dashboarding functionality. As we evolve our customer experience ecosystems, ensuring we put the data in our clients’ hands in an actionable, easy to access, format is critical to end-to-end business services delivery.

We remain focused on supporting our clients through the current period of volatility and beyond, continuously evolving our experience management model to ensure ease of administration for clients’ mobility teams, highest governance and compliance standards, and solution configurability to meet the mobile employee’s needs at a very personal level.