Executive Perspectives: A Holistic Approach to Customer Experience at BGRS

Hannah Richardson

Hannah Richardson

BGRS Senior Vice President, Client Services EMEA and APAC

Hannah Richardson brings 22 years of employee mobility management experience to her responsibility for both the Client Services teams across EMEA and APAC and a large portfolio of multinational client engagements. Hannah is also the global executive leader of BGRS’s customer experience transformation program, driving greater focus on outstanding customer experience management.

Increased spotlight on customer experience is revolutionizing the ways in which organizations shape their customer interactions and design and deliver products or services. The changes in approaches to customer experience management are evolving against the backdrop of significant changes in the broader business environment and that we see across our global client base. Shifts in workforce demographics and the rise of Millennials are creating the need for more flexibility. Skills shortages and longer and more diverse careers require a continuous and conscious focus on professional development. The need to develop global leadership mindset and to leverage international talent pools broadens requirements for effective talent mobility. All the while, rapid technological advances are driving increased expectations for tailored service delivery.

There is an observable urgency behind an enhanced employee experience and new expectations of just what that experience should be.

In the human resources and talent mobility arena, these trends are coalescing in an employee population pressing to consume benefits in new ways. Consequently, human resources organizations increasingly appreciate that an optimal internal customer, or employee, experience is key to engagement, performance, and ability to attract and retain talent. There is an observable urgency behind an enhanced employee experience and new expectations of just what that experience should be. At BGRS, we are supporting many client organizations who are going through significant human resources and employee mobility transformation to refine and redesign their future employee experience.

A focus on experience is not new to BGRS. At heart, mobility is personal, and as key players in the mobility process our primary focus has always been on fully understanding our customers’ needs and supporting them throughout every phase of the mobility experience. As our clients respond to the macro trends affecting the global economy, changing business environment and world of work, our vision, By your side, looking ahead®, reflects our continuing commitment to deliver outstanding client and mobile employee experience in an increasingly complex and continually evolving environment.

The approach we have taken to developing configurable solutions supporting our clients’ needs, was by conducting a comprehensive assessment initiative across all BGRS’s functional areas and elements of our service delivery model, and in partnership with a leading service design consultancy. We consulted with clients and their mobile employees, our global supplier network, and internal BGRS teams to understand where clients and their mobile employees particularly valued tailored support, capturing the meaningful moments that reflect the critical milestones in their mobility experience. The goal was to identify and deploy solutions which optimized the end-to-end mobility journey. Based on the findings, we designed a multi-year customer experience-led business transformation program, delivering enhanced value to our clients and customers, leveraging the latest service design and technological thinking. As part of this effort, we are actively deploying a series of new solutions that optimize the mobility journey, including multiple enhancements to customer portals, self-serve booking tools, omni-channel cloud-based support, seamless data flows through a fully integrated supplier ecosystem, along with the deployment of RPA and intelligent automation.

Our focus on customer centricity is underpinned by configurable digital workflows which combine to deliver a tailored customer experience.

Our focus on customer centricity is underpinned by configurable digital workflows which combine to deliver a tailored customer experience. This is complemented by business process design leveraging the latest opportunities presented by AI and an integrated, global supplier partner ecosystem designed to foster high-performance. Finally, another key pillar of BGRS’s success is an organizational culture which empowers employees to guide clients through a wide range of service options, aligned to their mobility program structure, while offering expert, empathetic, timely, and personalized support to each clients’ mobile employees.

The key to BGRS’s approach is an understanding that outstanding customer experience depends on the right blend of these components, while being in lock step with the needs of our clients and their employees, and with how they perceive every step of their journey. The powerful digital solutions we are deploying empower us to offer increasingly configurable support options, reflecting the diverse employee populations in today’s workplace.

As we execute the transformation program throughout our organization, our learnings will continue to guide our investments and the focus on strategically partnering with each of our clients to most optimally deploy their talent. Our ultimate goal is to continue bringing our vision,  By your side, looking ahead®, to life in everything that we do, delivering a customer experience that leaves mobile employees feeling reassured, supported, and excited by their move, with clients feeling supported, informed, and empowered throughout the engagement.