COVID-19 Updates

Current Travel and Immigration Updates

April 2, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated in recent days and weeks, business travel restriction has been a common management approach to lessen the impact of the virus’ spread. Numerous countries worldwide have responded to the outbreak by implementing a variety of restrictions, quarantines, and government mandates that have impacted the rules and regulations surrounding immigration and travel.

Due to the dynamic circumstances and impacts to international business, the ability to monitor globally mobile employees is more critical now than ever but staying up to date on evolving restrictions is challenging.

BGRS’s global partner for immigration services, Newland Chase, is issuing daily updates on their COVID-19 dedicated guide, highlighting details surrounding current travel restrictions for all countries.

For those searching for updates on specific restrictions on entry and exit, visa and work permit issuance, closed ports or other measures that have been put in place for various countries, visit their blog for additional details and access to the latest guide.