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Transformed and Tested

Industry: Consumer Goods

Headquarters: U.S.A.

Mobile Population Size: 2,500

Consumer Products

This organization is a trailblazer in flexible, employee experience-driven mobility design. As a final phase of their recent mobility transformation, they migrated their global policy suite to a core/flex framework administered through a digital core/flex solution. Global Mobility’s introduction of the flexible benefits program enabled the Mobility team to continue supporting the wider business with employee mobility during 2020. In the backdrop of the fast-moving, erratic country responses and global border closures, Global Mobility dedicated its attention to meet the organization’s duty of care to its mobile workforce.

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Visions of a Digital Landscape

Industry: Financial Services

Headquarters: U.S.A.

Mobile Population Size: 1,225

Financial Services

Well-accustomed to supporting its clients’ international business travelers by their pre-eminent standing in the industry, this organization is seeking to improve its management model to support their business travelers. The Mobility team encountered newfound challenges in managing the risks created by displaced business travelers and stranded mobile employees due to COVID-19. As a result of their involvement in managing this crisis, the team is strategically focused on building a more effective customer support model to manage the greater complexities in cross-border movement in a post-COVID-19 world.

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Planning for a Dramatically Different Future

Industry: Technology & Software

Headquarters: U.S.A.

Mobile Population Size: 720

Information Technology

In the business of enabling multinationals to access, study, and transform data into business intelligence, this organization relies critically on its army of consultants to promote and service its products onsite at customer locations. When the company activated business continuity plans in early 2020 in response to the COVID-19 crisis, it did so premised on the organization’s ability to continue with the cross-border mobility of its employees. The Mobility team was instrumental in providing consultative support to the business by issuing enterprise-wide guidelines for continued business travel and remote work arrangements.

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Beginning the Journey Toward a New Age of Workforce Mobility

Industry: Energy

Headquarters: U.S.A.

Mobile Population Size: 95


State-of-the-art technology and sophisticated emergency contingency plans have enabled this organization to be a steadfast partner to many international manufacturing and industrial customers in times of crisis. As a result, Global Mobility had a robust crisis management framework, allowing the team to operate in the most challenging of circumstances. But for all its depth and effectiveness, the organization’s crisis management protocols were primarily designed to handle temporary emergencies. The unprecedented scale and timeline of the COVID-19 crisis are prompting an evaluation of how they manage their people not only in disaster scenarios but also in ordinary times.

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The Team That Moves Mountains

Industry: Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Headquarters: Switzerland

Mobile Population Size: 550

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

As a partner in producing 1 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, this organization required decisive modifications to its global talent model to minimize disruptions during 2020. Long before the onset of the pandemic their Mobility team was spearheading initiatives toward a transformative employee experience, recognizing Mobility’s success was conditioned on closer collaboration with its HR and Talent Management groups. With the introduction of remote working in 2020, the Mobility team was called upon to apply its subject-matter expertise to navigate highly complex compliance challenges. When asked to ‘move a mountain’, they successfully managed to move more than one.

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Reaping Continuous Rewards of Strategic Foresight

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Headquarters: France

Mobile Population Size: 400

Engineering and Manufacturing

This organization introduced international core/flex programs in 2019 to develop a flexible and agile workforce with international exposure and a global perspective. The imperatives that enabled the organization’s successful adoption of a dramatically progressive policy model included an organizational appetite to cater to an increasingly diverse population supported by an active and vocal executive sponsor championing the model. Their flexible policy framework has weathered the ultimate test of the unprecedented disruptions of 2020. As the undercurrents of COVID-19 drive global business dynamics in the years to come, the Mobility team now has its eye on further maturing the flexible program model to support emerging customer experience standards.

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The Evolution of Global Mobility

Industry: Consumer Goods

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Mobile Population Size: 720

Consumer Products

This organization’s Global Mobility leadership team launched their transformational strategy in 2017, focused on a digitized, automated era expected to significantly improve the employee experience at every stage of the assignment lifecycle. The transformation signaled a changing of the times and the team redesigned the global mobility strategy to embed digitization and automation in the assignee support model. Mobility’s alignment with the organization’s broader future-fit objective proved to be even more relevant with the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. This company viewed the widespread use of remote work and virtual mobility as a natural evolution of their talent model and global mobility capabilities.

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BGRS’s Joy Lee, Director, Mobility Experience Solutions; Erin O’Grady, Senior Director, Global People Mobility Services at Proctor & Gamble Company; and David Enser, Head of Cross-Border Employment

Talent Mobility Trends

Growth Opportunity for Employee Mobility in the Next Normal

Growth Opportunity for Employee Mobility in the Next Normal

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